This “Report to the Community” is provided to our community as part of the requirements of the Iowa Department of Education and state legislation. All accredited public and nonpublic school districts in Iowa are required to distribute this report annually. For additional copies of this report, please contact – Keokuk Community Schools, 500 North 20th Street, Keokuk, IA 52632 or call (319) 524-1402 and ask for the “Report to the Community”.

Per the Department of Education requirement, each school district must provides a yearly report to the community that outlines the district’s progress. The Annual Progress Report (APR) is now released by the Department of Education as an Iowa School Performance Profile.

Annually, the Iowa Department of Education releases an update to the school accountability reporting system called the Iowa School Performance Profiles. The reports on the performance of the Keokuk Community School District as well as other Iowa schools are released to highlight multiple measures and meets federal and state requirements for publishing report cards, including student growth and graduation rate, and additional data that are required by law. 

A majority of the scores are pulled from the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) and the Conditions for Learning survey and specifies target areas of support need for individual schools based on their performance.   

The overall performance includes both an overall score and performance rating for all Iowa schools. The rating categories include Exceptional, High Performing, Commendable, Acceptable, Needs Improvement, and Priority. 

Click Here for our Progress Report.

This report contains progress towards attaining its performance measures for our Safe and Drug Free Schools prevention programming.

2008-2009 Drug Free Report – Release Spring 2009

Attendance Center Rankings for any school in Iowa can be found on this website: The website allows users to look up public school and school district performance on two of the nine measures required by law:

1) Student proficiency rates in grades 3-8 and 11 based on state assessment results in math and reading; and

2) Growth toward college and career readiness.

The Keokuk Community School District has partnered with SVPA Architects for a external, district-wide facilities analysis. SVPA Architects Inc will provide architectural facility assessment and master planning design services along with feasibility study options. The final report was submitted to the Keokuk School Board on 9/13/10. All files are pdf.

All accredited non-public schools and public school districts receive a school improvement site visit led by Iowa Department of Education (DE) staff, with visits occurring on a scheduled cycle (i.e., every five years). The site visit cycle is posted on the DE Web site. Approximately 104 visits are conducted each year, including accredited non-public schools and school districts. The only criterion used for selection is the time since the last site visit. The purposes of school improvement site visit are found in 281-IAC 12.8(4) (A) (2) of Iowa Administrative Code. The purposes are as follows:

  • To assess progress with the comprehensive school improvement plan
  • To make recommendations with regard to the visit findings for the purposes of improving educational practices above minimal compliance
  • To determine that a school or school district is in compliance with the accreditation standards
  • To provide a general assessment of educational practices

The Iowa Department of Education conducted its scheduled site visit in the Keokuk Community Schools. Click below to download reports (Adobe PDF).