The Keokuk Community Schools offers a breakfast and lunch program that complies with federal nutrition guidelines. Breakfast is available each day, except days of no school, or days with delayed start times. Lunch is served each day school is in session. Contact your child’s school for specific times. In addition, Keokuk offers a summer lunch program. Details regarding the summer program are provided near the end of the school year. More nutritional information can be found here. School menus can be found on the Home page.

Sarah Hackett, Food Services Supervisor
Phone: 319-526-3717
E-Mail: sarah.hackett@keokukschools.org

Wellness Policy Assessments

  1. Keokuk High School Progress Report – 03/13/2017
  2. Keokuk Middle School Progress Report – 03/13/2017
  3. George Washington Elementary School Progress Report – 03/13/2017
  4. Hawthorne Elementary School Progress Report – 2017-03-13

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement


Regarding Negative Account Balances

Lunch accounts are not meant to be charge accounts. Sufficient funds must be kept in your family account to insure your student will be able to purchase meals. More information can be referenced in Regarding Negative Account Balances and in Board Policy (701.4).