The purpose of the Keokuk Community School District Instructional Coaching Program is to collaboratively engage teachers to improve student outcomes.

We believe:

  • learning is an ongoing and continuous process,
  • that all efforts aimed at improvement should be student-centered; focused on improving student learning and student learning behaviors,
  • timely and relevant student data is essential to the instructional coaching process,
  • use of proven instructional strategies and classroom practices lead to improvements in student achievement,
  • trust and relationships are the basis for successful collaboration and allow teachers to take risks,
  • instructional coaching support enables teachers to use student data to engage in self-reflection and self-evaluation which in turn, leads to changes in practice and ultimately, improved student outcomes,
  • effective and responsive teachers have the greatest impact on student achievement,
  • effective and responsive teachers spend time discussing students and student achievement, seek out opportunities to observe and discuss teaching, are constantly looking for new ideas, talk to one another about teaching practice and demonstrate strong interdependence, and are interested in learning from others’ success,
  • instructional coaching promotes consistency among teachers, buildings, and practices, and
  • instructional coaching leads to school-wide and district improvement.

KCSD instructional coaches are important members of school district staff who have demonstrated exceptional teaching skills, and knowledge of current trends in professional development and effective education practices.