Applications for the Keokuk Community School Foundation Scholarships are now available.

The Keokuk Community School Foundation is proud to provide several scholarships, totaling over $40,000 to 2024 graduates of Keokuk High School who plan on continuing their education, along with a scholarship for KHS alumni.

Purpose:   To recognize a deserving Keokuk High School Senior(s) planning to enroll full-time in an accredited technical, community, or four-year college or university.

Eligibility requirements:   The scholarships shall be granted to individuals based upon their financial need, motivation to learn, evidence of work commitment, and contribution to the community.

Procedures: By completing one application, students will be considered for all Foundation
scholarships for which they are eligible. Some scholarships may require the student to write a
short essay in addition to the shared application.

  • The scholarship deadline is April 9, 2024 (email or postmark date)
  • Once the online form has been completed, the user will be allowed to print the completed form. The form must be completed and printed in the same session OR you can download the form in the upper right corner and save it to your desktop to complete it as you have time and then email it. Consideration will only be given to typed applications and the application must be signed.
  • Submit completed application by email (preferred) or mail.
    • Email to:
    • Mail to Keokuk Community School Foundation, PO Box 431, Keokuk, IA 52632
  • If any designated recipient is prevented from enrolling for the intended semester or otherwise leaves school temporarily, through circumstances beyond his or her control as determined by the Selection Committee, the scholarship may be held for a period of two years.
  • Scholarships will be awarded at the KHS awards night. Recipients will receive a packet with instructions for submitting verification of enrollment for the upcoming school year. Checks will then be issued to the institution.

$5,000 – Recipient must attend Iowa State University and plan to major in a STEM field.

Five $1000 – Recipient must attend Southeastern Community College and plan to major in a STEM field.

Up to $3500 – Two scholarships are given. No criteria. The scholarship will be $2500 for year one and is
renewable one time for $1000 based on satisfactory academic progress.

Up to $4000 – Recipient must be a Keokuk High School graduate and pursue a four-year degree
in an engineering field. The recipient demonstrates excellent character and
volunteerism.  Applicants will complete a short essay up to 500 words on why they want to go
into engineering. The scholarship will be $1000 for year one and is renewable up to three times
for a total of four years based on satisfactory academic progress in the field of engineering.

$1000 – No criteria

Up to $3500 – Two scholarships are given. No criteria. The scholarship will be $2500 for year one and is
renewable one time for $1000 based on satisfactory academic progress.

$4000* See requirements – Two students will be selected each year to receive this
scholarship.  Applicants will be selected based on excellent personal character, volunteerism,
significant involvement in church or community related activities and evidence of a strong work

*Each scholarship is worth $4000 and will be distributed in one of three methods. $4000 for
attending a one-year certification program; $2000 per year, renewable, based on satisfactory
academic progress for attending a two-year program or degree; $1000 per year for four
years, renewable, based on satisfactory academic progress for attending a four-year program.

Applicants will also be expected to complete a short 400-word essay reflecting on the statement
“Live Like Lucas”.

$500 – Recipient is a senior business student selected by the business teacher

$1000 – Recipient must plan to attend University of Iowa

Up to $8000 will be distributed between multiple qualified applicants at the discretion of the scholarship committee. Recipients are students who show potential and have endured and overcome a hardship(s) in their lives.(illness, homelife etc.)

$2500 – Selected by guidance counselor/teacher(s).

The recipient demonstrates the desire, acumen and academic potential for success.

The Dr. Bill and Jody Cameron Scholarship

The Dr. Bill & Jody Cameron Scholarship is a $2500 scholarship offered to a former KHS graduate that has declared an education major and completed 1-2 yrs of post secondary education. *See procedures above.