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2015 Scholarship News

(L to R) Austin Hartrick, Laykn Boltz

(L to R) Austin Hartrick, Laykn Boltz

The Keokuk Community School Foundation awarded $17,550 in scholarships at Keokuk High School’s Class Awards Night on May 13. Congratulations to the recipients listed below. For additional information click here.

  • Dr. Bianca Hendricks-Myers Award-Lakyn Boltz – $500
  • Dr. Karen Wolfmeyer Scholarship-Kelsey Stamper – $600
  • Doris Kies Memorial Scholarship-Mercedes Hawkins – $2000
  • Evie Hogan Award-Megan Sigmund – $750
  • Joan Schleier Art Scholarship-Kelsey Stamper – $400
  • David Mathews Memorial Scholarship-Erin Otte – $300
  • Marie Conner Award-Maddie Reichman – $500
  • Donald Webb Scholarship-Gage Hawkins & Nick Long- $2500 each
  • Keokuk Community School Foundation Scholarship-Lakyn Boltz & Maddie Reichman- $2500 each
  • Dr. Bill & Jody Cameron Memorial Scholarship-Austin Hartrick – $2500

2014 Scholarship News

(l-r) Taylor Lemon, Brandt Ames, Kirby Sanders

(l-r) Taylor Lemon, Brandt Ames, Kirby Sanders

The Keokuk Community School Foundation is again pleased to be able to support a number of KHS seniors with awards and scholarships presented at the Awards Night ceremony on May 15, 2014.

  • Donald Webb Scholarship– $2500 each to Kohl Farmer and Shawn Haage.
  • Keokuk Community School Foundation Scholarship – $2500 each to Taylor Dunn and Hope Wrieden.
  • Keokuk Community School Foundation Blindside Award – $2000 each to Taylor Lemon and Kirbey Sanders.
  • Marie Conner Award – $500 to Kevin Clark.
  • Dr. Karen Wolfmeyer Award – $600 to Malorie Maerz.
  • Evie Hogan Award – $800 to Brandt Ames.
  • Dr. Bianca Hendricks Myers (’00) Award – $300 to Alexis Hawkins.
  • Joan Schleier Art Award – $350 to McKenzie Berquam.
  • Dr. Bill & Jody Cameron Education Scholarship – $2500 to 2012 KHS graduate Ashley Love

2013 Scholarship News

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Front row from L: Brittany Benedict, Samantha Schwab, Chelsea Deyo. Back row from L: Jackson Maddox, Ryan Dean, Trenton Humphrey, Moman Nasir. Not pictured: Kendall Woolf, Cortney Otte, Christian Morris, Korbin Johnson, Rachel Elder

The Keokuk Community School Foundation continued its commitment of supporting KHS seniors by awarding $28,350 in scholarships at Keokuk High School’s Class Awards Night on May 30, 2013.

The Keokuk Alumni Give Back Scholarship, a $10,000 award to be used over four to five years, was awarded to Trenton Humphrey.  It is funded by KHS graduate Andrew Messer ’96 and his wife Vicky, along with a matching donation from his employer, CA Technologies. Andrew also funded this scholarship in 2011. A Dr. Bill and Jody Cameron Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2500 went to Rachel Elder, a 2012 KHS graduate, based on the criteria of majoring in education and completing a year of post-secondary education.

The Dr. Bianca Hendricks Myers Award, a $300 scholarship given this year to Chelsea Deyo, was established in 2009 by the 2000 KHS graduate.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a female athlete who excels both academically and athletically.  According to the KCSF guidelines for this award, the recipient “must be a well-respected member of the school and of the community and make every effort to be involved in community activities and community service projects.”

The Evie Hogan Award was established in 2012 by the Hogan children as a memorial for their mother, who was a secretary in the district for many years.  Brittany Benedict was this year’s recipient of the $750 award. Other awards given by the KCSF included:

  • Two Blindside Awards were given this year at $2000 each to Moman Nasir and Christian Morris.
  • Two Donald Webb Scholarships, $2500 each, were awarded to Korbin Johnson and Jackson Maddox.
  • Cortney Otte and Samantha Schwab each received a $2500 Keokuk Community School Foundation Scholarship.
  • The Webb and Foundation scholarships can be renewed one time each for $1000.
  • The Marie Conner Award was given to KHS business student Ryan Dean and is in the amount of $500.  Conner is a KHS business teacher.
  • The Joan Schleier Award was presented to a KHS art student, Kendall Woolf, and is worth $300.

Thanks to Kris Payne, KCSF Manager for the article above. For more information about setting up a scholarship or donating to a scholarship fund, contact Kris at 524-3191,  or KCSF, P.O. Box 431, Keokuk, IA  52632.

KHS Tennis Court Pledge

A dedicated group of individuals from Keokuk is currently spearheading a major fund drive to drastically improve the condition of the high school tennis courts. This group has teamed with the Keokuk Community School Foundation to bring awareness to Keokuk High School alumni, and to take advantage of the Foundation’s 501c3 tax-exempt status. Tax deductible donations may be sent to Keokuk Community School Foundation, PO Box 431, Keokuk IA 52632. A notation designating the donation for the KHS tennis courts must be put on the check. The KCS Foundation has pledged $5000.00 toward the project.

Foundation Fund Raiser

tervistumblerThe Keokuk Community School Foundation is selling Chief Tervis Tumblers for a fundraiser. The tumbler is made of heavy insulated plastic and has an embroidered Chief headdress emblem between the layers. It is a 16 oz. glass and includes a lid with a sliding closure. Tervis has a reputation for being one of the top sellers in insulated ware. This tumbler holds hot or cold liquids, does not sweat, and is dishwasher safe. Our Chief tumbler sells for $16 and will be available at all home games for the coming seasons. Proceeds from these tumblers will be funneled back to the classrooms by way of mini grants, and scholarships are provided to graduating students to help further their education. Our schools and students are the benefactors for these sales. Great gifts for alumni at Christmas. For sales outside school activities contact Carol Hartrick at 524-4009. Go Chiefs!

2012 Scholarship Info

2012 Scholarship winners.

2012 Scholarship winners.

In 2012 the Keokuk Community School Foundation awarded over $16,000 in scholarships to KHS seniors. Two new scholarships were presented this year including the Dr. Bill & Jodie Cameron Memoral Scholarship in the amount of $2500 to a student majoring in education. This year’s recipient was Rachel Elder. Additonally, an award in the memory of long-time Keokuk Community Schools employee, Evie Hogan, was presented to Mollie Martin in the amount of $750. A full listing of all the scholarship recipients can be found here.

2011 Scholarships

The Keokuk Community School Foundation awarded $25,600 in scholarships at KHS Class Awards Night, May 26, 2011. The KHS Alumni Give Back Scholarship was founded this year by Keokuk High School alum Andrew Messer. The $10,000 scholarship was funded by a $5000 donation from Messer and a match from his employer, CA Technologies.

Both Messer and KCSF hope to be able to continue to offer this scholarship in 2012. The recipient of the KHS Alumni Give Back Scholarship is Kelly Kruger, who may use the funds over the course of five years of post-secondary education and may draw up to $3000 per year as long as the amount does not exceed the total amount of the scholarship.

Pictured above front row - Amslee Bollin, Summer Hardy, Kayla Hayes. Back row- Colby Tate, Logan Boltz, Kelly Krueger. Amber Wolf (L) and Kyle Messer below.

Pictured above front row – Amslee Bollin, Summer Hardy, Kayla Hayes. Back row- Colby Tate, Logan Boltz, Kelly Krueger. Amber Wolf (L) and Kyle Messer below.

The Blind side Award is a $2000 scholarship that was created in 2010 and is given to students who have faced obstacles in their lives. This year’s recipients are Amslee Bollin and Amber Wolff.

The Donald Webb and Keokuk Community School Foundation scholarships are $2,500 scholarships and are both renewable one time for $1000 each. Webb Scholarship recipients are Logan Boltz and Kyle Messer. The KCS Foundation scholarships were awarded to Angelina Galbreath and Kayla Hayes. A complete listing of past and present award winners can be found here. If you have questions or would like to donate to the scholarship funds, please contact Kris Payne at 524-3191 or KCSF P.O. Box 431, Keokuk, IA   52632.

Initial Scholarships Offered

On May 18, 2010, Keokuk Senior High School held its first awards and honors presentation at an evening ceremony in Wright Fieldhouse. The KCS Foundation funded and presented $15,000 in scholarships. Recipients can be found here.

Science Department Donation

The Keokuk Community School Foundation is pleased to announce the receipt of a recent donation to enhance the Science Department in the Keokuk Community Schools. Dr. Barbi Judd, a 1993 KHS graduate, has donated five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) to be shared by the middle and high school Science Departments.

Dr. Judd is a 1993 graduate of Keokuk High School. She furthered her education at Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics, and completed her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at the University of Iowa in 2001. From 2001-2005 she was a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Pathology at Washington University, St. Louis, MO, and from 2005-2006 was a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Biochemistry, Columbia, University, New York, NY. She has published a number of research articles.

Ed Kiedaisch, KCSF Treasurer, presented the Keokuk School Board with the news at their December 8 meeting. He recalled her active participation in the JETS program during her high school years. Dr. Judd currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and three year old son.


DCF 1.0The Foundation is proud to support the district’s current facility improvement initiative. On December 12, 2005, the KCSF contributed $5,000 for improvements and additions to the KHS weight room and track. This photo was taken in March 2009 near completion of the project. The new track surface was completed in November of 2006.

newtrackIf you, or someone you know, would like to contribute to this project, please contact the Keokuk Community School Foundation at the address above. There are numerous other avenues for contributions.