Mini Grants

Mini grants are available to staff of the Keokuk Community Schools. Applications are now available online. Please note the special instructions at the top of the form. Get application now. The application may be completed online, but must be submitted by mail. PLEASE NOTE: Up to $300.00 can be requested. Recipients are asked to make a report to the board of directors regarding the use of the grant dollars. Over $1100 was distributed to staff in 2013. During the 14-15 school year, over $1700 was distributed to KCSD staff. Recent recipients include:

Kirsten Wrieden-HAW – Alternate seating stools

Arie Schiller-KMS – Science fair displays

Martha Neff-KHS – Scholastic entry fees

Dave Wendt-KHS – Drama club-rental of the Grand Theater

Betty Ralph-Torrence PreK – Science and social studies curriculum

Betty Ralph/Amy Pihl – Projector


Angie Miller-GW – 5th Grade Literature

Kelly Campbell-GW – 5th Grade Literature

Matt Campbell-GW – 5th Grade Literature

Jenny Davis-GW – 5th Grade Literature

Nicole Nemecek-GW – 5th Grade Literature

Kirsten Wrieden-Hawthorne – Alternative Seating

Tonya Brooks-Hawhorne – Therapy bouncy chairs

Jill Cox-Hawthorne – Hands On Learning

Diane Berner-GW – Scholastic Art & Writing

Martha Neff-KHS – Digitel Drawing Pad

Mike Davis-Middle School PE – Speed ladders and small hurdles.

We are putting a great deal of emphasis on fitness in PE and everyday living. These ladders and hurdles increase footwork, stamina and coordination. I believe in time that all our students will become more aware of exercise and how it benefits life in general.

Christine Hinton-Hawthorne Preschool – Classroom Equipment

Starting the new preschool has been both fun and challenging at the same time. I choose several items for the dramatic play area.They love the simplest things. Playdoh is a very popular item. I am setting out time each day to introduce a game and teach them how to play. I also purchased a set of art smocks because we like to get messy while being creative.”