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Posting a Message or Comment

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Photograph or Videos

Photographs or videos of students without written permission from the students’ parent/guardian should not be used or posted in any Web content. Permissions must be documented. Obscene images and videos will not be posted. Check with the building administrator if you have further questions.

Copyrighted Material

Copyrighted photographs, videos or text must not be used on blogs, wikis, or social media. As tempting and stimulating to a discussion as it might be, it is a violation of United States copyright law to cut and paste copyrighted material from other publications unless you have obtained advance permission to do so. If you wish to reference materials that are available on the Web, copy the link(s) and include the link(s) in your message or comment. Limited quotations (a paragraph or less) of published works may be included as citations, but complete attribution to the author, publisher, etc. must be included.


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Commercial content as either a direct or indirect attempt to solicit customers through a post will be edited or deleted. Keokuk Community School District reserves the right to include limited commercial content in the forum at its sole discretion. Classified advertising is NOT permitted.

Opinion and Professional Advice

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