OUR HISTORY | Victory Bell

Did you know that the Victory Bell in front of KHS is more than 155 years old and was previously in the tower on top of Rolla Fire Co. No. 2, a firehouse at 926 Main Street, that was organized on July 19, 1860? The firehouse was modified with living quarters and horses in 1878 and the first motorized rig was assigned to it in October 1919. The building was used as a firehouse until 1929, when the firefighters and equipment were moved to the firehouse on North Sixth Street. It is believed to have been obtained from a “junk dealer” by the KHS classes of 1963, 1964 and 1965 to give it to the school district, according to Damon Cackley of the Keokuk Fire Department. What is your favorite Victory Bell story from KHS? #KeokukCSD #KeokukHighSchool