Stephanie Vititoe, Associate Principal
2002 Orleans Avenue
Keokuk, IA 52632
Phone: 319.524.3737
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Activity Scheduler

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You can now download an app to have all our schedules accessible on your Android or iOS powered device.

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Once the app is downloaded you need to select Iowa for the state, then the conference (Southeast Conference), then select Keokuk. You now have access to all of our schedules from inside the app.


Activity When Who
Art Club All Year All Grades
Band All Year All Grades
I.B.A. All Iowa Honor Band May Concert Band Members
S.E.I.B.A. Concert Band Contest March Concert Band Members
S.E.I.B.A. Honor Band Auditions and Concert January Concert Band Members
S.E.I.B.A. Solo/Ensemble Contest February Concert Band Members
Jazz Band October thru May Concert Band Members
KMS Concert Choir All year 7th & 8th Grades
Opus Honor Choir November 7th & 8th Grade Tryouts
S.E.Iowa Honor Choir One Day in Spring 7th & 8th Grade
Math Bee February / April 6th & 8th(15 students each grade)
Math Club October/May All Grades
Math Counts February Chosen from 7th & 8th grade Math Club
American Junior High Math Exam November All Grades
Writing Contests All Year All Grades
Women in History March All Grades
Iowa Poetry Contest February All Grades
National Geography Bee January All Grades (student contest 1winner)
Jump Rope for Heart March All Grades
Science Club October-April 7th/8th Grades
Konnections All Year All Grades
St. Louis Symphony Trip February Concert Band Members
Quincy Youth Symphony Trip March KDet Band Members