Color Guard/Winter Guard – Josh Hetzel

The color guard performs with the marching band at half-time shows, parades, and field show competitions for the purpose of providing a visual representation of the music being performed. The color guard uses whatever prop of equipment that is best suited for the visual representation of a particular song including flags, swing flags, rifles, etc. The color guard is open to all grades. The size of the group is determined by the scores obtained in try-outs. Auditions for the color guard are offered twice throughout the year. Additional Requirement: Students selected must register for the class “color guard” which meets during first quarter the same period as band. Students who are selected for color guard and are also a band member should only sign up for band. Flag camp and band camp are established annually before the beginning of school. This is the time when routines are learned. Attendance is required for participation.

The Winter Guard performs at basketball games and at State Contest. Winter guard is an extension of color guard; however, auditions are open to new students and color guard members must also re-audition. Winter guard meets outside of school time for practice. There is no prerequisite other than attending practices and performances once selected. Winter guard season ends with the last home basketball games or the last competition. The color guard is open to all grades. The size of the group is determined by the scores obtained in try-outs. Auditions for the color guard are offered twice throughout the year.

National Honor Society

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to recognize scholastic and service achievement. The Torch Club is the local name given to this chapter of the National Honor Society. Members are inducted from 11th and 12th grade students based on scholarship, service, character and leadership. Note: The National Charter requires that members have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or better. The list of eligible students is then voted on by a faculty committee. Those selected are then initiated into the chapter. Not only scholarship, but service, character, and leadership are the factors on which each student is judged.

Chief Insights – Rex Muston

The purpose of Chief Insights is to 1) Inform it’s readers on matters concerning KHS, and 2) Serve as an educational tool which allows students to develop many skills necessary to create, produce and publish a newspaper. Students will become proficient in learning responsibility (observing deadlines), dedication, teamwork (complete their work as well as be able and willing to help others); use of computer software; develop verbal and written communication skills — interview individuals and create news, creative, feature, in depth, editorial, sports; practice photography; create pleasing layout; learn the business side of newspaper publishing (billing, service advertisements, trouble shooting, etc.), create illustrations, distribute newspapers, etc. Students should also have fun and develop a since of accomplishment while completing these tasks. Membership is open to all KHS students.

Spanish Club

If you like Spanish and want to learn more, you need to belong to the Spanish Club. Club members socialize, go to restaurants, go on picnics, work, have fun, and learn more about Spanish customs and traditions. Membership is open to all currently-enrolled Spanish students.

Student Council – Cheri Kemp

The purpose of the Student Council is to assist the high school principal in the following:

1. to represent the best interests of the student body
2. to promote good student-faculty-administrative relations
3. to promote good inter-school relations
4. to provide the school with such services that will be commonly beneficial
5. to support and display good spirit and high student ideals
6. to create an environment conducive to learning

Student Council’s Activities
1. Homecoming and related activities
2. Collecting food for those in need
3. Valentine’s Dance
4. Blood Mobile
5. Senior Citizen’s Dinner (in conjunction with other school groups)
6. Elections related to student council offices and activities
7. Promoting the school by serving as helpers and guides for various activities.
8. Various fund raisers

Yearbook – Myra Thomas

The yearbook staff is responsible for planning and preparing the high school yearbook, the Chief. This involves photography, layout and design, copyrighting, proofreading, selling subscriptions, soliciting community patronage, and other aspects of yearbook production. Membership is open to all high school students.