Survey Results Show Gains At KHS

The results from the Iowa Safe and Supportive schools Survey are in, and Keokuk High School is the big winner! Our students took the survey back in February, and the results are very encouraging. The survey addresses what students see as strengths and weaknesses within the school building. We had nearly 500 students complete the survey and the good news is our score improved significantly. We went from 22 to 27 out of a 36, which means our student body feels more connected and safe at KHS. We improved in nearly every category (Safety, Engagement and Environment), but the biggest gains were found in adult-student relationships within the Engagement domain.

We do have plenty of work to do, but it is evident in the small steps being taken are improving the culture and climate. We will continue to look at the results and find ways to improve the learning process at Keokuk High School. An in-depth analysis of the survey results can be found in the included PDF file. We want to thank all of the students, parents and staff who took the survey and have contributed to this great accomplishment. If you have any questions, please contact KHS principal Zach Wigle at 319-524-2542 ext. Survey results.