New Traffic Pattern at Middle School

Parents, students and community members need to be alert for a new traffic pattern at KMS when school begins on August 14. This change is due to the high volume of traffic on Orleans Avenue, and to better ensure the safety of all students attending Keokuk Middle School. This information is also available on the KMS Facebook page, The Daily Gate City, and will be sent via phone call, text and email to parents and guardians.

Before School…

At the beginning of each day, all students will now enter the building by the doors next to the gym located in the back of the building. The doors will open at 7:30 a.m. Beginning August 14, all students must now be dropped off on 20th Street using the bus lane. A crosswalk has been placed at the intersection of Orleans Avenue and 20th Street, and at the intersection of 20th Street and Franklin Street. The Franklin Street crosswalk will have stop signs that will stop traffic during peak before and after school times to allow students to use the crosswalk. A mobile stop sign will be placed at the intersection of Orleans Avenue and 20th Street to stop traffic and allow students to take advantage of the new crosswalk. Finally, barricades will be placed to prevent all through traffic movement on 20th Street between Orleans Avenue and Franklin Street. The only traffic movement will be one way on 20th Street from Orleans Avenue to Franklin Street using the bus lane. Traffic will proceed to the end of the bus lane, drop off students, and then continue down 20th Street and exit the area using Fulton Street. All traffic movement from Franklin Street towards the middle school will make a left turn on 20th Street and exit the area on Fulton Street.

After School…

Another major change will have an impact at the end of the school day. The middle school day will end at approximately 3:05 p.m. for all students who ride the bus, and at 3:15 p.m. for all other students. At the end of the day, bus students will be dismissed first at approximately 3:05 (or when the buses arrive). Only buses will be allowed in the bus lane or on 20th Street during this time. Once the bus students have departed, car traffic will be allowed onto the 20th Street side of the building to pick up students. All walkers and car riders will then be dismissed to exit the 20th Street doors (approximately 3:15pm) and leave for the day. We strongly encourage all parents who are picking up their students to not arrive at the middle school until 3:15pmStudents are not to be in middle school after 3:15pm unless they are working with a teacher or at a practice with a coach.

If there are any questions regarding the changes in traffic, please contact Principal Gary Benda at 524-3737 or