MENSA Excellence in Reading challenge

Joseph Condren who just entered second grade has completed the K-3 MENSA Excellence in Reading challenge. The list of 63 classic stories including Charlotte’s Web, Little House on the Prairie, and Goodnight Moon can be found at Condren stated, “My favorite book was Shiloh. I wish that Shiloh didn’t get hurt, but it did help the boy get to keep him. One of my grandmas gave me the whole series and I plan to keep reading those.”

Joseph Condren is pictured wearing his t-shirt for completing the MENSA Excellence in Reading program. “I’ve had very few students complete this challenge, but one of them was Joseph’s sister Christine and he was motivated to do it too. It’s a big accomplishment,” said teacher Diane Berner.

The Mensa Foundation recognizes and encourages education, gifted youth, and lifelong learning through resources like the Mensa for Kids website and other programs for youth and those who support them. This program is open internationally to any and all readers under 18 years of age, their teachers, and librarians.