KMS Vocal Contest Results


The KMS entries and their rating are listed below. The contest was held April 27, 2013. Nick McGraw, MS/HS Vocal Director remarked, “It was either the first time ever, or the first time in a long time that any MS students competed in Solo/Ensemble Contest and our students had a GREAT day!  Most importantly they worked super hard and were very well behaved! On top of that they also experienced a lot of success.” Mrs. Julie Ramsey was the accompanist.

I – Superior

  • Ben Hendricksmeyer (7th) – Solo
  • Raechelle McKay (7th) – Solo
  • Jayme Bode (8th) – Solo
  • Rachal Starr (8th) – Solo
  • Jill Cannon (7th) & Beth Congdon (7th) – Duet
  • Kara Kavanagh (7th) & Taylor Winn (7th) – Duet
  • Sam West (7th) & Raechelle McKay (7th) – Duet
  • Ben Hendricksmeyer (7th) & Kaleb DeGroot (8th) – Duet
  • Sydney Snodgrass (7th) & Rachal Starr (8th) – Duet
  • Grace McWilliams (8th) & Makayla Stair (8th) – Duet
  • Daltyn Oliveski (8th) & Jonah Diaz (8th) – Duet

II – Excellent

  • Daesha Cale (7th) – Solo
  • Sydney Snodgrass (7th) – Solo
  • Grace McWilliams (8th) – Solo

III – Good

  • Mackenzie Reeves (8th) & Madelynn Keller (8th) – Duet