KHS Math Students Take All Top Honors At Culver Stockton

On February 20th the Keokuk Senior High Math Club journeyed to Canton, Missouri to take part in the first level of the American Mathematics Competitions 10(AMC10) or the AMC 12. These exams were given all across the country to identify the top 250 math students. These selected students will then be invited to participate in the United States Mathematical Olympiad. There were 65 students from Keokuk that took the exam on the Culver Stockton campus. This was the 3rd trip for KHS . As one of the participants said “25 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes how tough can it be?” When Dr. Gary Cochell, Professor of Mathematics at Culver Stockton congratulated all who came to take the test and said that is will be a very tough challenge to the students taking the test, the participant smiled and then knew he was in for a tough challenge. In the AMC 12 test open only to juniors and seniors, Marc Wharton senior took top honors on that test with Anna Zetterland junior taking runner up honors and Alex Claiborne in 3rd. KHS took home all 3 of the top honors in the AMC10 test. YiYang Liu, freshman. took top honors in the AMC 10 test open to sophomores and freshman. Runnerup went to Joley Seitz, freshman, and Priya Khanolkar ( sophomore) and Barlow Guess ( freshman) tied for 3rd place. All the students enjoyed a tour of the campus and the lunch provided by the college at the college cafeteria. They then listend to a lecture by Dr. Cochell. All the participants thought it was a great experience and are looking forward to the Contest in 2014.