ISDTA State Solos & Quad City Legacy Competitions

The Keokuk Little Feathers continue to amaze me and I am so very proud of each and every one of them. To place and earn division ratings at the ISDTA State solo competition is quite an accomplishment, as the competition is unbelievable tough.

All performed beautifully and demonstrated exceptional talent, dignity, and grace. In my opinion, they are all 1st place winners. This team fills me up daily with inspiration and joy with the blessing of being able to witness their growth as skilled dancers and amazing young women. I am grateful to be a part of their lives. ❤️

This team continues to express their love for dance and each other in such awe inspiring ways, as they continue the high standard of excellence of the Keokuk Little Feather legacy.

Alli Herr- Division II
Kara Kavanagh- Division I
Brooklyn Washburn- 12th
Kerrigan Eckland- 11th
Kendall Watson- 7th
Mckenna Tackes- 4th
*Calla Huston was unable to compete this year due to an injury the evening prior to our departure. She placed 8th last year.

Alli Herr was selected to be interviewed for the ISDTA Senior Dance Scholarship. Results of that interview will be announced at our the ISDTA State Team Competition the first weekend in December. Stay tuned!


The Keokuk Little Feather Dance Team also competed at the Quad City Legacy Competition 2 weekends ago. The did an awesome job!

* The Feathers placed 1st in Kick and Novelty!
* Kendall Watson earned highest overall score in the soloist competition.
* The following are grade level placements for soloists
* Seniors
Alli Herr – 2nd Place
Allyson Gibson – 3rd Place
* Juniors
McKenna Tackes – 2nd Place
* Sophomores
Kendall Watson – 1st place
Kerrigan Eckland – 4th Place
Brooklyn Washburn – 5th Place
* Freshman
Emily Gibson – 2nd Place

Shannon Dunn
Little Feathers