IPTV Host Visits Hawthorne

IPTV Host at Hawthorne
Students at Hawthorne elementary recently celebrated reading with Iowa Public Television’s Dan Wardell, popular host of IPTV Kids Clubhouse. Dan encouraged the students to turn off their TVs, use their imaginations, go outside and play, read a good book, visit the library and eat healthy food.

Dan brought his Reading Road Trip to Hawthorne and shared two story times with the school.  During the Kindergarten and First grade assembly Dan read “Rumble in Jungle” by Giles Andreae.  Every student got to join in the adventure of the book by adding actions, sound effects, and helping Dan tell the story.

During the second assembly Dan reminded the students that not all books had to be read, some books could be SUNG.  He had the second grade and the third grade each sing different parts of the book and the winning grades teachers’ were going to have to sing the end of the book opera style.  It was no surprise that both grades are so talented that there was a tie and all the teachers and associates sang the ending of the book in their best opera voices.