Iowa Youth Survey Information

During the week of October 20 of 2014, your middle school child/children will be invited to join their 6th and 8th grade classmates in completing the 2014 Iowa Youth Survey. Since 1975, students in Iowa have been filling out this questionnaire to provide information about their values, beliefs, attitudes, and activities. Participation in the survey is anonymous and strictly voluntary, and no student is required to fill out the questionnaire. The survey will take one class period, approximately 40 minutes, to complete.

A letter with complete information was sent to all parents/guardians with the KMS October Newsletter. You can also find that letter here: Iowa Youth Survey Parent Letter. You may also view the entire questionnaire here: Iowa Youth Survey – 2014.

Iowa Youth Survey – 2014

Iowa Youth Survey Parent Letter

For additional information, call Keokuk Middle School, 524-3737.