IJAG Students Career Ready

IJAG CertificatesOn Feb. 6th & April 25th iJAG students went to Southeastern Community College to take the test for the National Career Readiness Certificate.  The test covers applied math, reading for information, and locating information.  A total of 34 certificates were earned : 15 Bronze Certificates, 15 Silver Certificates, and 4 Gold Certificates.  Pictured L to R: Hope Wrieden, Justice Althiede, Emily Skinner, Dayna Bode, Mollee St. Clair, Blade Markell.  In the back from left to right: Casey Taylor, Katy Sturm, Alexis Wylie, Trent Atterberg, Darren Walker, & Logan Tinder.

Below is the list of students and the certificates earned.

  • Shykel Bayliff
  • Dayna Bode
  • Darren Walker
  • Logan Tinder
  • Kody Forbes
  • Katy Sturm
  • Taryn Weathers
  • Austin Hughes
  • Stacia Meyers
  • Toni Skinner
  • Chris Fichtenkort
  • Mollee St. Clair
  • Casey Taylor
  • Justin Winn
  • Colby Deck
  • Alisha Atterberg
  • Draven Lumetta
  • Hope Wrieden
  • Trent Atterberg
  • Megan Brackelsberg
  • Chris Sestito
  • Austin Stanley
  • David Marlin
  • Alexis Wylie
  • Josh Houghton
  • Emily Skinner
  • Justice Althiede
  • Blade Markell
  • Chase Parrish
  • Issac Johnson
  • Lindsey Reeves
  • Bryan Waetzig
  • Kourtni Cockrell
  • Gabby White