Thank you for visiting the Keokuk Community School Foundation website. The Foundation exists as a vehicle of financial support and assistance for the Keokuk Community School District. Check us out and learn about all the great projects that we are involved with. You can be a part of it too!! Consider donating to the Foundation and make a difference. You can also visit us on Facebook.

In an effort to enhance alumni services and provide continuing financial support to the Keokuk Schools, the Alumni Association became a reality in 1996. The Foundation is currently seeking all KHS alumni for membership. A yearly donation of a minimum of $15.00 to the Foundation automatically establishes you as a member of the Alumni Association.  Class reunion organizers benefit from the Alumni Association by receiving an updated listing of class members.

Download Keokuk Community School Foundation Form:

Persons wishing additional information should contact:

Rose Jennings, Secretary
PO Box 431
Keokuk, IA 52632

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