March 2020

Student Attendance

As illnesses have been running rampant over the last few weeks, we understand that many students are needing to stay home to recover and get well again. If your student is staying home ill, please sure to communicate this to our office. If we do not receive a phone call student absences are automatically considered unexcused. If you do call in your student on the attendance line please be sure to specify the reason why your student will be out of school. These key details help us determine how to code student absences.

Lastly, we are routinely seeing students arrive tardy to school each morning. When students arrive late, they are missing important pieces of instruction in the morning. Students who are arriving to school late on a daily basis struggle to keep pace with their peers. Please be sure to deliver students to school at or before 8:05.

Thank you!

Mr. Marsden

Staying Healthy!!

We have had a lot of illnesses rolling through the building in recent weeks. We've made daily reminders to students to wash their hands regularly with soap and warm water through our morning announcements. You can help keep our staff and students healthy by making sure your students are bathing regularly and wearing clean clothes to school. If your student is experiencing fevers, vomiting, or diarrhea please keep them at home. We want to restrict the spread of illnesses as much as possible so everyone is at full strength to learn and be successful! Thank you!!

Classroom Rosters & Teacher Requests

This year, we are attempting to establish classroom rosters prior to the start of summer. We want to give students, parents, and teachers peace of mind by knowing whose classroom each student will be in for the 2020-2021 school year. In order to make this happen, we will begin building rosters in April. Parents who are wishing to request a teacher are asked to submit that request before Friday, April 3rd. Teacher Request Forms are available in the Hawthorne office and once they are completed they will be kept on file. We do not encourage parents to request teachers since granting such requests can cause an imbalance in classroom rosters. However, we will consider all teacher requests, but will not guarantee placement in preferred teacher classrooms.

Per our board approved George Washington/Hawthorne Elementary Student/Parent Handbook:

Teacher Request Policy

Classroom placements are based on identified student strengths and needs. Teachers use their best judgment to place students in balanced classes. We take into consideration each child’s strengths, his/her level of performance and maturity, English language development needs, and any social concerns with placements made without regard to teacher. Because our focus is on improving student achievement by meeting their needs and forming well-balanced classes across the grade level, requests for specific teachers may be taken into consideration but won't guarantee placement. Our school is committed to providing a quality education in every classroom for every student.

Sealants - 3/3, 3/4 , 3/10 & 3/11

All Second Grade students will be having sealants applied to their teeth.

Show Choir - 3/3

All Hawthorne students will be traveling to the Grand Theater to listen to the High School Show Choir.

2nd & 3rd Grades - 8:30 AM

Kindergarten & 1st Grades - 1:00 PM.

Dental Presentation - 3/5

All Third Graders will be listening to a dental presentation in the PM hours.

Torrence Pre-K Round-Up - 3/6

Torrence Pre-K will be hosting thier annual Pre-K Round-Up on March 6th and May 27th. Parents will learn more about our Pre-K program, have an opportunity to pre-register, sign up with transportation, and enroll at a daycare for next year. If you have any students who will be entering Pre-K for the upcoming school year, please call Hawthorne offce at 319-524-3503 to set up an appointment. THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL ON THOSE DATES FOR CURRENT PRE-K STUDENTS.
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No School - 3/9

No School on March 9th due to a In-Service Day for our teachers.

PTO Meeting - 3/10

The monthly PTO meeting will be held on March 10th @ 6:30 in staff lounge. All parents are welcome to attend.

Lee County Conservation - 3/11

Lee County Conservation Department will be visiting our 1st graders on March 11th. They will be here to teach our students about squirrels and acorns.

End of 3rd Quarter - 3/13

End of Third Quarter is March 13th.

Birthday Lunches & Book Store - 3/18

We will be celebrating March birthday's on February 28th. We also will have our monthly book store open in the Kindergarten wing. Parents are welcome to join their students to celebrate their birthday month.

Hawthorne Kindergarten Round-Up - 3/19 & 3/20

Hawrthorne will be holding thier annual Kindergarten Round-Up on March 19th & March 20th. All student who will be entering Kindergarten for the upcoming school year should plan to attend. Please call our office at 319-524-3503 to make your appointment. THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL FOR ALL CURRENT KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS ON MARCH 19TH AND 20TH.
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Spring Break - 3/23 - 3/27

Spring breaks starts March 23rd - March 27th. There will be NO School during this time. Enjoy your time off!!

Box Tops For Education

Have you heard?! Box Tops For Education is going digital! No more clipping, no more sending your student to school with a baggie full of box tops. Participating brands are starting to change their packaging from a traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Top label. If you see the label, use the new Box Tops For Education app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ each for our school. The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to our school's earnings online. You can download the app today!!

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Casey's Cash for Classrooms

Dear Parents,

We’re excited to share that our school is participating in Cash for Classrooms, part of Casey’s Rewards. This opens up Hawthorne Elementary to new funding opportunities to help improve learning environments for students.

The best part? Donations don’t come out of your own pocket. When you buy from Casey’s and use their rewards program you can simply turn your points into a donation to our school. Help Hawthorne Elementary make the most of this program and learn more at Caseys.com/schools.


Mike Marsden

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March Calendar

For an enlarged view of the monthly calendar, please click the following link: March Calendar.
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March Breakfast Menu

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March Lunch Menu

For an enlarged view of the lunch menu, please click the following link: March Lunch Menu.
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