Superintendent Welcome

Welcome to Keokuk Community School District! We have so many reasons to be excited for the 2016-2017 school year. In fact, our school district has nearly 1900 reasons—each of our students walking through our doors. Every one of our students is greatly valued. They are why we are here.

These are your children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends we are educating, so we want you to be informed and involved. I invite you to attend a concert, play, or cheer on our teams at an athletic event. Keokuk’s schools are your schools.

Student achievement is a primary focus at Keokuk CSD and the results speak for themselves. Keokuk has a 91.1% graduation rate, which is a 10% improvement over 3 years! This is the best graduation rate in Lee County. But we won’t stop here—our goal is always 100%.

The road to increased graduation is paved with increased student achievement. Last year, our top grade level improvements in proficiency included: +18% in reading, +5% in math, and +8% in science.

One of the biggest indicators of success is a student’s will to want to come to school. Keokuk has greatly improved the culture and climate of our school system, which has resulted in big decreases in office referrals and student absences district-wide, as well as increased student learning.

Finally, a positive note to your pocketbook. When taxes are going up in other areas, Keokuk is actually going down! Keokuk Community School District works hard to wisely spend our school budget dollars, which come (in part) from your property tax dollars. I am pleased to report that the above improvements happened as we lowered our residents’ property taxes for 2017 to $19.32, which is a decrease of $0.85 per $1000 of assessed value.

Whether your child is already enrolled with us, or you are considering a move to Keokuk, please understand we will always give our best to help your student be successful.

For more information about open enrollment into our District please visit our website.

Feel free to contact me with your questions or comments via email or by calling 319-524-1402.

Tim Hood