Mission Statement

The Keokuk Community School District provides an educational foundation where students are active participants in becoming adaptable and critical thinkers along with achieving the skills necessary (academic/vocational) for lifetime success. (Dec. 2008)


  • child development and education are the highest priorities.
  • in students mastering basic academic skills in the early grades confirmed by comprehensive assessment.
  • in identifying proficiencies in all levels and content areas based on high standards and confirmed by comprehensive assessment.
  • in a secure and nurturing environment that builds self-esteem.
  • in a learning environment appropriate for the changing needs of our students and work world.
  • in clean and safe facilities.
  • in schools which value and understand each student’s uniqueness and enable all students to reach their full potential.
  • in treating all students with respect.
  • in the development of social responsibility and citizenship.
  • schools should create opportunities for exploration and preparation for a diversity of careers.
  • in providing effective professional staff leadership.
  • that staff are more effective when supported by family and community.
  • that involvement by and communication among the community, family, staff and learners is vital to education at all levels.
  • in utilizing technology to improve student achievement.

The beliefs of the Keokuk Community Schools were adopted by the Board of Education.

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