2019 Mississippi River Literacy Guild Writing Contest Winners

Photos by: Diane Berner
Front Row (in orange shirt) Karsten Hetzel; Middle Row: Taylor Henson, Tres Cannon, Lilly Rodes, Avery Bousselot, Rilyn Taylor, Joseph Condren, and Alexis Perry;

Back Row: Ivy Boddicker, Julia de Gala, Rory Zetterlund, Olivia Claus, Anna Rowe, Emma Peterson, and Will Jones

The Mississippi River Literacy Guild held a celebration April 25 at the KHS media center for writing contest winners and their families. Authors read their stories and poems to a full house. The Mississippi River Literacy Guild is a volunteer group of current and retired teachers who work to encourage and support young readers and writers.

First Place- STORY:
K – Joseph Condren
1st – Karsten Hetzel
2nd – Alexis Perry
3rd – Tres Cannon
4th – Avery Bousselot
5th – Emma Peterson
6th – Anna Rowe
7th – Aydan O’Connor
8th – Kayde Martin
9th – Julia de Gala
11th – Rory Zetterlund
12th – Ivy Boddicker

First Place- POETRY:
K- Rilyn Taylor
1st – Lilly Rodes
2nd – Zephyr Soice
3rd – Taylor Henson
4th – Olivia Claus
5th – Rachel Olsen
6th – Kelly Takorbisong
8th – Will Jones
9th – Alexis Bray
11th – Stephanie Anderson
12th – Ivy Boddicker

Honorable Mention- STORY:
K – Rilyn Taylor
1st – Lydia Bailey, Lucy Olsen
2nd – Oscar Maestro
3rd – Carl Hausch
4th – Ridley Delperdang
5th – Christine Condren, Leah Medel
6th – Natalee Alberts, Gracie Wessel
7th – London Wray
8th – Skylar Stonehouse
9th – Alaina Sargent

Honorable Mention- POETRY
K – Alicia Spurgeon
1st – Wilhelm Mossengren, Lucy Lawson
2nd – Avery Totten
3rd – Tres Cannon
4th – Avery Bousselot
5th – Christine Condren
6th – Anna Rowe
8th – Claire Coffield
9th – Daniel James